“I have founded and built several successful businesses over the past 45 years.  In that process, I have been sponsored by Ernst and Young twice as entrepreneur of the year for the state of Utah of which I was category winner both times.  I started a company in the mid 90’s and within 1 yr was listed on Inc. 500 fastest growing companies.  I founded and built a unique business model centered around providing nourishing meals to starving children globally which was a sustainable model providing compensation for individuals focused on helping others–“doing well by doing good” (humanitarian entrepreneurs).  That business and business model attracted the attention of a Fortune 100 company who purchased the company from me in 1999 and did the negotiations and purchase in a record time of 6 weeks from start to finish (A $20,000,000 sale). I attribute much of the success I have enjoyed over the last 45 years of business to finding the right people to work with and structuring win/win relationships that enable me to capitalize on strengths and abilities of others who bring talents and abilities to the table that complement what I do.  In that vein, I embarked on my latest venture in 2017/2018 in the nutritional industry focused on the promising product of hemp extract (CBD).  After virtually one year of due diligence in the industry as to who to align myself with to make sure I could, with confidence, develop and produce a hemp extract product that was the ‘best of the best’ and maintain my commitment to trace-ability, transparency, and efficacy of any product I brought to market, I was introduced to Dr. Emek Blair.  Dr. Blair met all the criteria I needed to move forward with assurance that I was sourcing the best raw materials possible, was processing those raw materials in a manner that maintained the nutritional integrity of the product, and lastly utilizing the patented delivery system that Dr. Blair had developed in insure maximum bio-availability and efficacy.  Since joining forces with Dr. Blair and launching our hemp extract product in May of 2018, we have enjoyed exceptional success selling over $4,000,000 in product sales in first nine months.   Dr. Blair has not only brought sourcing of the right raw material, the best extraction process, and patented delivery system to the table of this relationship, but the quality processes, clinical studies, and scientific credentials that enable the marketing, sales and distribution of the product the ability to set our product apart from the masses and achieve the growing success we are enjoying.”

Frank Davis

Founder, Two-Time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award , OptiVida Health

“Dr. Blair is the best liposomal formulator in the world.”
Dr. Ben Johnson

Author, "The Healing Code," and "The Secret"

“When we developed the concept for Tespo we needed to find someone who could think outside of the box and problem solve. Once we found Dr. Emek Blair, we accelerated our R&D and launched Tespo in short order. Emek is a responsive, thought-leader that is committed to getting a job done right.”
Ted Mills

Founder, Tespo