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Liposomal Vitamins

A well-balanced diet is really important for women to enjoy a life free of ailments. Vitamins and minerals are key to a well-balanced life, and that is why women need to pay more attention to their diet and what nutrients they are getting. With today's lifestyle and...

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New Liposome Manufacturer Says Process is More Natural

The proprietary process is the brainchild of Dr. Emek Blair. Blair received his doctoral training at the University of California Irvine, where the sees of the process were sown. Dr. Emek Blair studies lipid structures so that he could figure out how to wrap lipids...

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What Are Liposomes?

What are Liposomes? Liposomes are nano-sized bubbles with an external shell comprised of healthy lipids (fats) and a hallow liquid center. Liposomes we have developed can be loaded with supplemental substances, like vitamin C, which is what we used in a 2012 study at...

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