I was honored to be featured on a recent episode of the “CBD Talk Podcast,” Episode #74 which aired on February 28th, listen to it here.

During the podcast, I talk at length about my work with liposomes, cannabinoids and my interest in the effects that CBD has on veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Additionally, we discuss what CBD, green tea, turmeric, and ginger have in common and the science behind the CELLg8® technology my company, Puffin Hemp, uses to manufacture the liposomal product used in the study.

Early results from the study examined 34 safety markers including glucose, potassium, chloride, calcium and total protein and no markers went from normal to abnormal. In fact, many markers went from abnormal to normal, such as 50% of the subjects tested had high blood sugar on day 0 and 100% of subjects had normal blood sugar on day 30 of the trial.

More about CELLg8® and Dr. Emek Blair’s work:

In early 2015, Dr. Blair founded Puffin Hemp™ to provide B2B private label manufacturing for custom, medicinal hemp, and CBD products. Puffin Hemp™ uses the proprietary method developed by Dr. Blair which does not require high pressure, high temperatures or toxic synthetic chemicals.

Dr. Blair has formulated upwards of 100 unique liposomal formulas that have successfully been brought to market by some of the largest brands in the world. Several of Dr. Blair’s formulas have been internationally recognized and awarded by the science industries.

Dr. Blair continues to perform clinical trials with various high-impact medical doctors around the world; this research shows how natural products, when properly delivered, are critical to maximizing health.

Learn more by visiting puffinhemp.com and listen to the “CBD Talk Podcast” here.