Fort Collins, CO – June 20, 2016 — A peer-reviewed paper entitled “Liposomal Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid: Influence on Vitamin C Bioavailability and Capacity to Protect Against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury” has been accepted for publication and will detail the increased absorption of Liposomal Vitamin C made using Valimenta Labs’ proprietary no heat, no pressure, and no solvent technology.

“We are proud to show that our technology works exactly in humans as we have previously theorized, and can help support true bioavailability of nutrients and health,” stated Emek Blair, Ph.D. (Valimenta™ Labs Chief Scientist and co-author of the study). “The study took several years to complete and has definitive results.”

Colorado State University (CSU), through Dr. Bell’s research group, provided resources, time, and support which allowed the publication to be released in a public access journal and have the highest impact possible. This study was completed in collaboration with CSU, and a limited licensee of this technology.

“The paper describes the increased bioavailability of our liposomal formulations and technology.” Eleven human subjects were each given a placebo, powdered vitamin C, and Liposomal Vitamin C with a two-week washout period. Standard vitamin C had an absorption rate of about 5% at this dosing, while Liposomal Vitamin C had significantly higher rates of oral bioavailability.  In fact, these vitamin C blood levels were previously only reached using intravenous vitamin C.

Valimenta is also excited to announce that we have dramatically improved our liposomes since the completion of this study!

This study also confirmed the significant role of Vitamin C as an Anti-Oxidant via a reperfusion injury study for various delivery methods but needs further investigation to truly understand the dynamics of vitamin c during a cuff test. We do want to reiterate that data from scientific clinical studies are complex and must be interpreted in the context of the experimental parameters. One should not simply jump to conclusions after a cursory reading of the papers.

A visual summary is available at under clinical studies or at

“This is also a great example of our ability to successfully transfer manufacturing processes to companies that license our technology starting in 2010. If you are interested in a full or limited license to this proven technology, please contact us.”

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