Dr. Emek Blair

Award-Winning Chemist

Founder of CELLg8®, an all natural liposomal manufacturing process, Dr. Blair has formulated upwards of 100 unique liposomal formulas that have successfully been brought to market by some of the largest brands in the world. 

News & Noteworthy  

In 2010, Dr. Blair began formulating and licensing liposomal products to companies. Since then, he’s been profiled, featured and interviewed in various publications throughout the business and science communities. 

Featured on The Jim Bakker Show

“Pastor Jim and Lori welcome special guests Frank Davis, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, and Dr. Emek Blair as they introduce OPTIVIDA, a new product that could start the next health revolution.”

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Featured on Health Quest Podcast

“Dr. Blair is expanding his research into using liposomes to deliver nutrients to the body which have previously been very difficult to administer as a dietary supplement. In this interview, we will discuss using liposomes to deliver glutathione orally.” 

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Featured on NutraIngredients-USA

“A new supplier of liposomal delivery systems has entered the market based on a ‘more natural’ approach the assembly of these structures, the founder said.”

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Founder of Valimenta Labs


Valimenta provides B2B private label manufacturing for custom liposomal products, vitamin supplements, herbal extracts and energy/nutrition drinks worldwide.

Blog & Articles 

Through his work, Dr. Emek Blair has become a thought leader in the conversation about all-natural liposomal manufacturing and delivery. Check out the latest articles and blogs from Dr. Blair. 

The Next Generation of Ultimate Nutrition

I was born into nutrition. Early on, my parents were big on nutrition and natural, holistic medicine, and from that, I also developed a passion and curiosity about nutrition. I've always studied nutrition and I have always been very interested in how the human body...

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Liposomal Vitamins

A well-balanced diet is really important for women to enjoy a life free of ailments. Vitamins and minerals are key to a well-balanced life, and that is why women need to pay more attention to their diet and what nutrients they are getting. With today's lifestyle and...

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